This is an interactive piece in which a projected video of a collapsing building is controlled by an old fashioned blasting machine. As the handle of the detonator is moved up and down, the building in the projected video moves up and down in synchronization. The blasting machine sits on top of a stack of old dynamite crates.
The impetus for the work is the collapse of World Trade Center building Number 7 (WTC7) and my desire to bring attention to the event as well as certain details of the event. Many people are unaware of the WTC7 collapse and the questionable circumstances surrounding it.
The work evokes a sense of playfulness, yet it is about a very serious subject. In allowing interaction and in effect, participation in the destruction of the building, the viewer is implicated. This implication is actually quite literal in that, supposing WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition, the question of who did it and why, might be considered. If the destruction was part of a grander scheme, intended to get the American public to support military actions (i.e. a "false flag" operation) then this act would have been intended to help sustain the current level of U.S. consumption. In this sense we are all implicated.
above: antique blasting machine
right: video of collapsing building

Additional Information:

This piece relies on the projection which will be affected by ambient light. It will be best to place it in the gallery accordingly: ideally in an area of the gallery with low ambient light. If possible a spot-light would be aimed at the blasting machine. The piece is self contained, with the projector mounted inside the dynamite crates. The electrical requirements are one standard AC power outlet.

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